مؤسسة النرسيان التجارية


Security Monitoring and Surveillance systems

CCTV Monitoring services protect your inline business. As more and more areas of activity are faced with an ever increasing threat to security of assets, people, and systems from anti-social, uncultured, psychic, and rebellious elements, today’s security needs to be more demanding. Computer technology has advanced in such a way that security personnel standing on their feet for hours keeping vigil in warehouses and streets have been replaced by security guards seated at monitors doing CCTV monitoring services. We cater to wide range of CCTV monitoring services of global clients as the following

  • CCTV remote monitoring and recording. Security control in warehouse or office.
  • Project monitoring in construction sites. Play back of remote video and audio.
  • Customer observation in retail shop by video.
  • Emergency response. Intelligence monitoring.