مؤسسة النرسيان التجارية


Network Security & Data Centre Protection

As Network Security has become key concern for enterprises, we specialized ourselves in
the domain to offer our clients latest technologies with maximum ease.

  • Design & Implementation of Unified Threat Management Appliance.
  • Design and implementation of Backup & recovery solution.
  • Sales & Installation of Anti-Virus solution.

In today’s highly competitive era, Business continuity is the biggest challenge for enterprises and this is impossible to achieve without a reliable & highly advanced IT facility. Hence, we partnered with the market leader of Data Centre Environment Monitoring Solutions domain to provide our clients with a solution that reduces the chances of Data Centre Downtime.

  • Design & Implementation of Data Centre Environment Monitoring Solution.
  • Providing real time monitoring of key factors like Power failure, Temperature,
  • Humidity, Water leakage etc.
  • Configuration of Customized alerts via email & SMS.