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The logo is the focal point for corporate identity and possibly the most significant design communication your company can make. It is the simplest form in which your company can be recognized via an icon or mark. For it to work successfully it needs to stand out, be memorable and convey the correct message. We can help you design a logo that projects your company in the right light, can be reproduced to any scale, format or colour and stands the test of time so you don’t need to worry about re-designing it again in a couple of years. We will sit with you and discuss your company’s core values, any heritage you wish to convey or and messages you wish to portray. We will benchmark your competitors and research the area in which your company specializes in order to effectively place it right on target. In order to create a professional logo for you, we will; Research your brand, objectives, client base and area of specialization Research your brand, objectives, client base and area of specialization Discuss how you wish to be portrayed, colours and heritage Draft up concepts Review initial designs and agree on a final version Create all design formats including RGB and CMYK (print ready) files, vector files in Adobe Illustrator (AI files) so you can scale up or down without losing quality, Photoshop (PSD files) and also monotone black and white versions of the logo.


Your logo is just the beginning, once you have that sorted you need branding to pull it all together in a perceived corporate emotive image by the use of colour, shapes, measurements and ensuring all fonts are consistent. The customer can then build up a perception of what your company stands for and guarantees it is recognizable. Our designers will produce a brand guideline book for you to ensure your company never drifts from the selected colour; fonts and font sizes etc. in order to preserve the integrity of your brand keeping it easily recognizable. We can design all aspects of your brand & identity including.


The logo Stationery including letterheads, envelopes, business cards, pens, rulers etc. Vehicle liveries Apparel designs including logos for employee clothing. Marketing material including flyers, brochures Signage. We will keep you involved every step of the way throughout the process and implement a project plan along the following; Define a brief with you Analyse and research your company Brainstorm ideas Implement a project plan, timeline etc. Initial designs and concepts Refine ideas and agree on a final design Present final idea Roll out Whatever your budget for web design Leeds companies are guaranteed to receive a first class service from our team of dedicated account managers, creative design and development staff.