مؤسسة النرسيان التجارية


Door Entry and Access Control with Time and Attendance

In very early days, our ancestors intuitively understand that certain characteristics could serve for purpose of identification. In a very developed technology today, the human systemic are still can be used as a identification. Now we can use a fingerprint scanner to get an person’s identification, isn’t that a miracle? Biometric is a modern technique in solve to very old concerns with indisputable proof of identity base on a fingerprint.
Among all the biometrical technology, fingerprint-based identification is the most widely used in security applications; simply, everyone has their unique, immutable fingerprints. Commercially, fingerprint matching is one of the most efficient to authenticate an authorize entry, access to confidential data

  • Monitor Employees Login & Logout time sheets.
  • Reduce payroll preparation time & improve payroll accuracy.
  • Accurate & Automatic calculation of working hours & overtime.
  • Auto triggered emails for late & absent employees.